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eBay x Nike Dunk Low SB 'Sandy Bodecker'

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eBay x Nike Dunk Low SB 'Sandy Bodecker'

Guaranteed authentic

SKU: FD8777 100

    eBay x Nike Dunk Low SB 'Sandy Bodecker'

    Guaranteed authentic

    SKU: FD8777 100

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    FD8777 100

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    The Nike Dunk Low SB 'Sandy Bodecker' has a peculiar design that draws inspiration from the 2003 Charity Dunk, a one-of-one shoe. The low-top featured a patent leather upper that was decorated in eBay's corporate colors. The shoe was offered on eBay as part of a charity auction that benefited skateparks in the Portland region. Sandy Bodecker, the "patriarch of Nike Skateboarding," was later identified as the mystery winner after being a mystery for years. By destroying the prototype pair, Nike made sure that there was only one pair of the shoe produced, and this is replicated here using translucent windows that have been cut into little pieces. Sandy Bodecker's enduring legacy is honored inside the shoe by James Arizumi's unique photo insoles, which are housed there.

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