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FOG Essentials Tee 'Buttercream'

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FOG Essentials Tee 'Buttercream'

Guaranteed authentic

SKU: 125SP212001F

    FOG Essentials Tee 'Buttercream'

    Guaranteed authentic

    SKU: 125SP212001F

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    Fear of God Essentials dropped their first collection of the spring in May 2021. The collection delivered more than 70 new pieces including this t-shirt and the debut of Fear of God Essentials first kids collection.This Fear of God Essentials T-shirt delivers a refresh of the traditional logo t-shirt. Instead of featuring the Fear of God Essentials Logo on the front, Spring/Summer 2021's t-shirts feature the logo on the back beneath a black rubberized logo patch. The Fear of God Essentials T-shirt from Spring/Summer 2021 was released in four different colors.Fear of God Essentials released this T-shirt on May 12th, 2021, at the retail price of $40 USD.